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Lexmark X792de: How To Properly Fix A Paper Jam?

 In the busy world that we live in, it helps to have a trusty assistant that can not only support us but which can also deliver on their promises. They not only make our lives easier but also lighten the workload that we have to wade through daily. Workloads that seem to have increased because of the need to work from home and to cram all that we can do in the office during the days that we are allowed to go to work there.

We find the trusty workmate, industrious and dependable helper, and the last-minute savior with Lexmark X792de. Too amazing to let pass? Let’s discover more about the Lexmark X792de and see the wonders that it holds. And the magic that it can bring in our lives by simply being there and working for us and with us.

The Lexark X792de is a color laser printer/copier that uses a duplex (2 – sided) printing. Duplex printing? Like duplex apartments, you think. But no, duplex printing in the Lexmark X792de only means that the user of this printer/copier can do duplex scanning and printing. Imagine you have a document that has prints on both sides and you have to scan them both and print them in the same way. Too much of a hassle and a lot of work, right? Well, with the Lexmark X792de the user can scan both sides of the document at the same time and in one pass! Isn’t that great?

Want to know another magic trick in the hat of Lexmark X792de? Remember the feeling of needing to copy or print a document immediately but when you arrive at the copier machine, there’s someone there before you? And your sigh of relief that there’s only one person that you have to wait to finish their copying or printing turns into a ragged sound of frustration when you find out that that person is copying or printing out a hundred or more copies of documents? And they are just starting? Well, with the Lexmark X792de, your sigh of relief will be a prayer of thanksgiving. Why?

This is because the Lexmark X792de has an advanced copy function that will let you cut in and interrupt the copying or printing process of the co – worker before you! What’s more, you can even proofread the first copy set that you need before completing your copy job! What a relief! No more need for long waits and anxious moments before the copier machine because the documents you need to copy or print now, can be copied and printed now. As long as your co – worker will let you butt in, of course!

The Lexmark X792de copier has an extra large 10-inch class color touch screen on it and this makes it  easy to access the workflow solutions and shortcuts that we will need when we use it. It even has directional lights that provide the user with visual cues that guide you through the tasks and maintenance operations that have to be done in the course of its use. It also has print and scan preview features that will help you select documents or specific pages within a document that you have to print. And it has an ultra reliable paper feeding system that supports diverse media so you can access your printing or copying jobs in a lot of different ways. More importantly, the user can expand the input capacity of the copier machine to up to 2, 650 sheets because of its high capacity feeder or extra drawers.

Concerned about data security? 

The Lexmark X792de also has groundbreaking security controls in its arsenal. This means that the printer/copier has a card reader option where the owner of a copiers for lease/ copier leasing or copier rental business or user can add an extra layer of security. It also has user authentication and authorization controls which can go a long way in helping to protect the device and the data in it! The hard disk encryption option helps protect the sensitive data on the disk drive while the option for the use of automatic, scheduled or manual disk wiping will ensure that no confidential data will be accessible to unauthorized personnel of the copiers for lease/ copier leasing or copier rental business.

This copier machine’s amazing features doesn’t stop there. It even has an instant warm – up fuser to help reduce the energy that will be consumed and it even makes the time to first page printing or copying faster! Energy saving features are complemented by its eco-friendly settings that makes the Lexmark X792de an almost super machine for copiers for lease/ copier leasing or copier rental business. This eco – friendly settings allows the copier to go to sleep or hibernate while not in use through the Sleep Button and Hibernate Mode.

Bet you are excited to use the Lexmark X792de right now! 

And dreaming about printing and copying the reams of documents that have accumulated in your copiers for lease/ copier leasing or copier rental business office and with notes asking for their immediate duplication! Not to count the emails and document files that have to be printed as soon as possible, meaning now! Such sweet dreams are suddenly interrupted however by the sudden silence that comes with trouble along with the noise of the machine seeming to force something to move along. 

A paper jam! A need for copier repair! Right when you are in the swing of things and really making a dent on those copying and printing jobs!

Well, don’t worry! The Lexmark X792de copier is there to make your life easy, remember? To do a copier repair, simply look inside the copier machine and observe if the paper is jammed by the front door or inside one of the trays. If the paper is jammed inside one of the trays, firmly hold the paper and gently pull it out so that it won’t become torn up or damage one of the parts it is jammed in. If the paper tore up before you can completely pull it out, pick out the fragments and make sure there is nothing else left behind or still jammed inside. After making sure that there is no more paper jammed inside the machine, push the tray back in. Then touch the check icon on the control panel and continue with your copying or printing work, quick end of copier repair!

If the paper jam happened in the exit bin and you can see the jammed paper, simply hold it firmly and gently pull it out. But if you can’t see the paper, open the front door, hold the jammed paper and pull it out. Easy peasy copier repair!

The Lexmark X792de copier was made to make life easy and hassle-free for its users and owners, like those in the copiers for lease/ copier leasing or copier rental business. The pre-loaded Lexmark solutions make it possible for the user and owner of copiers for lease/ copier leasing or copier rental business to personally troubleshoot problems with the copier machine. It even makes the work processes and copier repair simple and easy for its user. As such, making this amazing copier machine a part of your copiers for lease/ copier leasing or copier rental business office or home is one great movie that you will always be thankful and happy for. This is because, in one copier machine, you get that trusty friend, hard-working co-worker, able assistant, and companion at home or at work that you can always depend on. 

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