Important Phases Will Guide You Through A Successful Printer Management Service

In a Managed Print Service business, clients are often faced with several business problems that are closely associated with the management and operations of their print fleets. While these fleets vary, the problems they come across can still be very costly.

The birth of the MPS business, therefore, has created specific phases to implement a better and more managed solution. These three phases are all correlated with cost savings; which makes it even important to implement. The phases include management and reporting, optimization, and innovation. To avoid problems, in the long run, the MPS industry has constantly evolved a new breed of service providers aimed at assessing your printing environment and delivering actionable solutions. To understand more about the three phases, here is a complete rundown.

Management and Reporting

Ideally, the Managed Print Service provider has to assume that they have the burden of taking care of a print fleet’s labor, supply, and parts out of the existing fleet, while still providing cost saving from their end. This stage normally involved utilizing non-OEM supplies from OEM, standardizing break-fix SLAs with single providers, and even submitting quarterly reports around cost centers.


Once the client has made up his mind and is now ready to put an investment into enhancing their operational printing fleet, the MPS provider has to work strategically for them to also maximize their capital investment without compromising their client’s capital investment. This stage normally entails transferring coloring printing away from their original desktop printers towards the multifunction printing devices. The primary goal here is to standardize and successfully network all the office’s remaining assets. That way, it can improve its monitoring capabilities of a business’ diagnostic application.


The market for creating the way how businesses communicate is actually the least mature market in the MPS world. From mobile devices to tablet computing, and even to document management, there are a lot of changes in the way an organization approaches its printing altogether.

Printer service management has become the go-to solution for organizations who wish to maximize their organization’s printing fleet. In fact, managed printing has become popular over the past years because of its being environment-friendly. Managed printing is actually dubbed as green printing. Environmental concerns are the key reasons why people now opt to implement MPS.

When an organization practices wasteful printing, not only will this dent a huge chunk of an organization’s financial stability but also, this can have real environmental consequences. With managed printing services, toner cartridges are recycled, less paper is consumed, and energy use is not as much as that of a traditional printing solution.

Today, many printing and copier firms, like Copier New Orleans, as well as MPS providers are continuously doing their best to look for other possible ways to help lessen the environmental effects of printing. For instance, there are companies that have partnered with a service that planted trees in reforestation projects every time a predetermined number of printed paper is reached. Such programs are added on some MPS contracts at a very minimal monthly amount.

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Managed Printing services come in different sizes and shapes; you can’t find a one-size-fits-all solution at all. Businesses have varying document security requirements. With a managed print service solution, they can help you identify the type of print security that your business needs. Solutions include the most common password protect pull printing, and can go all the way up to a more advanced data encryption.

Obviously, managed printing service plays a key role in running a successful business. With that, it’s always a good practice to go for providers who are knowledgeable in their field.