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Printing is a serious matter that every one of us must importantly know. There are a lot of things that people can get from a job as a printer like printing photos, documents and many more. Printers also have different functions such as scanning, photocopying, etc. 

There are different kinds of printing. For example the kind of document you are printing is through word or PDF format. But sometimes people were frequently asked how to print PDF. And most of them complain that upon printing the PDF the output is blank without knowing the reasons. 

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This time, in this article it will be talking about the reasons why PDF printing comes out blank. This is one of the most irritating parts that we experience once we’ve sent to the printer the output and suddenly went blank. Now, here are the reasons that we should need to know:

  1. Out of Date – The printer driver as well as the Adobe reader should always be updated. In every new version, there are supporting updates that contain the fixing of PDF blank issues. Through updating, all existing installations will be automatically pushed by the power of Acrobat and Reader. If you wish to update it on your own, then you can go to Help by opening the application and click the Check for Updates.
  2. Wrong Driver – Sometimes the reader or driver that we installed to our computer is not suitable with the system where there can be limitations upon using it. Always check if it is exclusive for a particular printer or not. 

There are only two main reasons why PDF printing comes out blank. 

  • How do you fix a blank PDF?

Here are the steps that you must properly follow:

Step 1. Open the Adobe Reader

Step 2. Go to Edit

Step 3. Go to Preferences and Internet

Step 4. Click the Display PDF in Browser.

After that, close down the Adobe Reader so that the settings will take its effect and will immediately change after a few minutes. And after that, you must try to open the file again. 

How to make PDF not print Blank Pages?

First, open the file in the given application and click it. Then upon seeing the Print, click it, from the menu. Select this product from the Printer. Go to Preferences or Properties. And in the layout tab, select or click the Skip Blank Pages check box, and press OK. 

Why are PDF files not printing?

Click and open your PDF File to your browser, and in the browser print it. But if you cannot print your PDF File in your browser, probably the PDF File that you are trying to print is already corrupted.  In this case, follow to repair or recreate your PDF file. But if that does not work, you need to undergo troubleshooting through your Acrobat Reader. 

Why does the Adobe PDF save as blank?

The Acrobat DC doesn’t allow you to save a file upon seeing the Save As. The main reason is that the Save As dialog found in an Acrobat DC has an extension option that you can choose in order for the file to be saved at a Cloud storage. However, if that Acrobat does not connect properly, this can never be done.

Final Words

Now, in order to fix those issues, always try to find alternative solutions that you can see in your system. Make sure to properly follow each step and if it ever happens it does not even work. That is the time to meet your technician.