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Is Ricoh Office Copier a Good Buy?

The Ricoh Company started manufacturing cameras in 1936 but delved into making office copiers two decades later. Globally recognized as a leading printer manufacturer, selling them in more than 200 countries together with cameras, copiers, multifunction printers, and other related products.

The question of whether or not a Ricoh copier is worth buying is hinged on the advantages that the brand brings to the table. In this light, taking a peek at these advantages is indefinitely a good idea.

Product Diversity

The Ricoh company has a long line of products being sold to the public, whether for home or business needs. The Japanese company has practically everything a home or business needs, from desktop printers to multifunction devices that can print, fax, scan, and copy. The latter is also equipped with various features that enhance its usefulness.

Ready for Small Offices and Homes, Perfect for Medium-Sized or Big Companies

With a large selection of affordable desktop photocopiers that has basic but versatile features, all homes and small offices can have a device that can print up to twenty pages per minute. Most of the devices in this selection have scan and print capabilities, some boast features that are friendly to the environment like the double-sided or duplex printing feature.

For medium-sized or even big companies, Ricoh offers speedier and more efficient, and larger printer models. Ricoh office copier and the larger printer models have features that a user can choose from. The most typical ones allow the user to scan, fax, staple, and even do hole punching. 

Meanwhile, Ricoh commercial grade printer models are laden with features that involve cutting-edge technology like wi-fi, multiple trays for loading paper, displays with touch screen abilities, and high volume and speed copying capabilities.

It is up to the consumers or potential owners of these Ricoh devices, to assess which printer, copier, or multifunction device has the capacity to meet the demand of an office or workplace. This is to maximize the capability of the Ricoh device with zero to minimal downtime of the device.

Focus on Sustainability

In terms of cutting costs and sustainable measures that help protects the environment, Ricoh has strived to make its devices rated as energy-saving devices. The features that lessen energy consumption are the sleep mode, quick power on or start-up, and an automatic option for duplexing.

The Ricoh company’s track record in its sustainability focus is regarded as an excellent one. The Japanese company garnered awards several times for being one of the most sustainable corporations in the world. Ricoh’s accomplishment for its devices being sustainable and the continuous drive to achieve much higher sustainability, bagged a prestigious award from a United States agency partnered award-giving body.


Ricoh office copiers and the other models are durable and high-quality. These are the main reasons why many consumers buy Ricoh devices. It is worth knowing too that Ricoh has strong product support for its printers and copiers.

The company has a remote service that is able to manage printers and copiers over the Internet. This means that if a Ricoh device becomes broken or not operational, it will send a message to the remote service center through the Internet to request a fix or servicing.

The Ricoh service center in responding to the message will strive to call the user back within an hour after service. As a free addition, the Ricoh service center provides its customers instructional videos, frequently asked questions, manuals, and drivers to assist in the troubleshooting of broken-down devices.

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With all this in mind, Ricoh office copiers or its multifunction devices, printers, and copiers are indeed a device worth purchasing.