How Long Should a Copier Last?

Copiers are considered to be the workhorse of offices. They have already replaced  some pieces of individual office machines which meant less money and time in replacing some office equipment. Life expectancy of a copier may differ depending on several variables. 

However, having a copier as part of your business, it is always necessary to choose what really fits your business needs. Doing so, rest assured that you will definitely know how long it will last. Hence, you need to be very careful everytime you choose to purchase a copier for your office or business.

Provides Reliability in Offices

Multifunctional copiers provide efficiency and reliability in your office for several years. The typical copier life span ranges from three up to five years depending on its model. Its lifespan also depends largely on the maintenance and copy volume. 

Most of the copiers offered in the market these days are primarily designed in producing at least one thousand copies every month. However, there are also higher-end models of copiers which can provide at least fifty thousand copies every month. To acquire a longer copier lifespan it is highly recommended to have a copier that could reach maximum volume of copies every month.

Do Some Research

To determine how long a copier should last, you also need to do some research. Take a closer look at the different brands of copiers as well as reviews coming from those people who have already used the machine. This will definitely give you some sense of what would really work in your office.

Having your own research in mind, you may head to some local dealers and have some time to speak with them. There are some small yet professional dealers of copiers that would guide and help you in determining what copier would really work best in your business and your budget, too.  This would help you assure that even if you have only little research, your business would operate smoothly with the best copier.

Protecting Your Investment

No matter how long the lifespan of your copier is, you will need some repair for the machine. If for instance, you are just leasing the copier, you can have some service contract which may give you peace of mind if the machine experiences some unexpected issues. It can also cover upgrading parts costs while keeping your own office running at its lower costs.

Another benefit when it comes to a copier being leased is the fact that you can also upgrade your chosen copier right after a certain time. This gives you an assurance that you would always have a ready and available copier for your office anytime you needed.

Either you bought the copier or you just have it leased, you always need to take into consideration protecting it. This is to assure that the copier would last for a longer span of time the way you wanted it to last. Hence, it is always best to protect your copier as early as possible to assure that if unexpected problems happen, you are always ready to handle everything.


Most manufacturers would say that a copier would last at around three to seven years depending on its model. However, it is a bit complicated since a copier’s lifespan is completely tied not only to how you take good care of the machine but also some other variables that may contribute to its life expectancy. There are countless factors that would come into its play and most of the time it is wholly beyond your own control.

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