4 Secure Print Strategies to Keep Your Network Safe

Wireless printers bring a whole lot of convenience in the business setting. It eradicates the hassle of distance from the units or devices you use through the wireless network. However, due to its widened accessibility for users, hacking and data breaching may be possible. This is why you need to keep your printing network safe.

Here are different strategies to secure your printing network:

Good riddance for outdated firmware

Like hardware having maintenance and replacements, it is also important to pay attention to your software. Software should also be maintained from time to time by watching out for updates. 

These updates enhance the features of your devices, including security. Printers don’t get as many updates as other devices. Checking wouldn’t surely cost you much time. You may access these through the Printer Update under printer settings.

Moreover, these updates give you a higher level of protection, strengthening your printer’s vulnerabilities. These lessen the chances of hacking and data breaches. 

Don’t forget about the security features.

Realizing the benefits of a networked printer, you decide to set it up for home use. Do not forget to use the security features such as setting up a password. For heightened security, ensure that the password you use for connecting to the network and logging in to your router is different. 

If you think this isn’t enough to keep intruders off of your network, there are advanced security tools you might want to use, too. 

An example of this is making use of a firewall. This will provide restrictions for incoming print requests through the network and filter those from recognized sources.

Another one is keeping unused ports turned off that can be found in your router’s configuration panel. These ports may seem useless, but they can be used as a passage for invaders.

Use a secured printing manager.

There are many available printing management software that would secure your printing network. In businesses such as companies, hotels, etc., they let guests use their printers for work-related purposes. However, since they are but an outsider, you won’t tell if these people have the utmost genuine intent. 

By using a printing manager, you’ll be able to continue catering print services for guests without risking your security. This will provide filters such as using a print email responsible for operating printing tasks rather than direct connections. They may also use network access, specifically for mobile devices. This is once you have set up your secured printing solution. 

Secure printing capability option

More than setting up passwords and recommendations stated above, there is another available option that you may resort to for a secure printing network. Secure print possesses the capability of saving print jobs until a certified user retrieves it.

This prevents anonymous printing that could impose risk on your security and cut off costs of printed outputs being left off the printer or copier. The authorized user will receive an access code to retrieve the print job requests, and thus sensitive contents won’t be left in the open. 

Secure print also eliminates scanning from unsecured sources. This will also be feasible through authentications unavailable for some multifunctional printers. Unsecured scanning shares equal risks of unsecured printing. 

Final Thoughts

As technology propagates to give better service, knowledge of maintaining security should come along. You will no longer risk your security in return for convenient printing through these strategies.


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